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Angus Kebbell from Factum-Agri interviewed our project co-lead David Norton about farm Biodiversity Management Plans - listen here.

He also sat down with Adam Forbes to chat about the work he's doing as a Restoration Ambassador and as part of the Post Quake Farming team - listen here.


Scientific papers

B and L.png

Upscaling restoration of native biodiversity: A New Zealand perspective.

David Norton, Jason Butt and David Bergin 2018.

The New Zealand beef and sheep sector’s contribution to biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

PDF 129 KB.

David Norton, Hannah Buckley, Brad Case, Jennifer Pannell 2019. 

Achieving win-win outcomes for pastoral farming and biodiversity conservation in New Zealand. David Norton, Febyana Suryaningrum, Hannah Buckley, Brad Case, C. Hamish Cochrane, Adam Forbes, Matt Harcombe 2020.

Restoring mature-phase forest tree species through enrichment planting in New Zealand's lowland landscapes.

Adam Forbes, Kiri Wallace, Hannah Buckley, Brad Case, Bruce Clarkson, David Norton 2020.

The roles of non-production vegetation in agroecosystems: A research framework for filling process knowledge gaps in a social-ecological context.

Bradley Case, Jennifer Pannell, Margaret Stanley, David Norton, Anoek Brugman, Matt Funaki, Chloé Mathieu, Cao Songling, Febyana Suryaningrum, Hannah Buckley 2020.

Managing and protecting native biodiversity on-farm – what do sheep and beef farmers think? Fleur Maseyk, Bruce Small, Roxanne Henwood, Jennifer Pannell, Hannah Buckley, David Norton 2021.

Understanding farmer behaviour: A psychological approach to encouraging pro-biodiversity actions on-farm. Bruce Small, Fleur Maseyk 2022.


A functional classification of woody vegetation in agroecosystems
New Zealand Ecological Society conference 2018
A0 PDF: 23.9MB
NSposter screenshot.png
The NZ sheep & beef sector's contribution to biodiversity
Nutrition Society conference 2018
A1 PDF: 9.96MB

Crazy & Ambitious 2 conference - May 2019

External Resources


With the help of Beef + Lamb New Zealand we have developed a comprehensive catalogue of external resources for establishing and maintaining indigenous biodiversity. 

Includes fencing, planting, ecosourcing, riparian management, financial assistance, weed control, pest control, project management, how to propagate native plants and more.

Excel file: 67.6KB

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